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Rockford Fosgate



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This subwoofer is not just another made with off-the-shelf parts, we wanted something better, and we knew our fanatics demand this as well. Since the original Power T2 subwoofer was designed by one of the leading loudspeaker engineers in the world, there were some lofty goals that had to be reached. Work was done from the ground-up to out-perform it's previous family members, while incorporating valuable feedback from our great network of Rockford Fosgate dealers. They wanted it bigger and badder with dual everything, and we feel that goal was crushed.

Why 13-inches?  Well, this is a combination of the cone and surround assembly described as the "total effective radiating area".  Since this model is so massive, we incorporated dual spiders for exceptional travel of the cone assembly. The motor structure operates very linear for exceptional sonic quality and the IDHS heat-sink gives the subwoofer impressive power handling capacity. Top it off with proprietary input terminals for large gauge cables to efficiently deliver the needed voltage, and this subwoofer is ready to drop the doom!

WARNING: Use caution when installing this subwoofer. It's heavier than Atlas holding a globe on his shoulders.


  • Three layer glass fiber/Aramid honeycomb/Glass fiber cone
  • Aluminum dustcap
  • Dual Nomex progressive spiders with integrated lead wires
  • Injection molded foam surround with VAST™
  • Detachable die cast aluminum trim ring
  • Vented pole piece
  • Integrated aluminum heat sinking shorting ring (IDHS)
  • Proprietary surround mechanical clamping ring
  • Custom push spring insulated 8 AWG terminals
  • Aluminum diecast frame with integrated heat sink fins
  • Single layer edge wound aluminum 4" voice coil
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Triple stack segmented ferrite motor structure
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