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Unleash immense sound from a compact package with MemFuego from Memphis Audio! Our new MemFuego all-terrain full range box boasts a rugged bed liner exterior, perfect for turning heads at tailgates, car shows, or anywhere you want to make a bold sound statement. Featuring dual 10″ SR Pro mids and pro audio tweeters, it delivers an explosive 500 watts of professional-grade audio in a portable format. With quick disconnect plugs for hassle-free mobility, you can effortlessly set up your MemFuego for a massive sound experience wherever you desire. SRXPE10D4T boxes showcase a mesmerizing display of RGB LED lights, including an illuminated dust cap and rear-mounted ring lights on the mids and fully translucent illuminating tweeters, creating an epic lightshow. With a built-in handle for easy transportation, MemFuego is your ticket to a good time anywhere you go.

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