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Best Sound Car Audio

Roof Rack Bundle!

Roof Rack Bundle!

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Best Sound Car Audio is offering a limited time offer till the end of the year!

This offer includes two pairs of AP-M61SE Deaf Bonce Apocalypse mid-ranges, One pair of AT-32 Deaf Bonce Apocalypse tweeters, and a custom made roof rack with 4 6.5in. and 2 3.0in. cut outs. This custom made roof rack is made to fit any Ford/Chevy/GMC/Dodge vehicle as well as made to fit any and every Deaf Bonce Apocalypse 6.5 mid-range and 3in tweeter.

Dimensions: W.8in.x.L.39in.x.H.5.5in.

Cut Outs: 4x6.5in. 2x3.0in.

Where Does It Go?

This roof rack is able to fit any truck in the very back of the roof of the cab. (Suggestable to buy butterfly mount anchors suitable to your specific truck so there are no holes within the cab) for further questions send us a email or chat through our Shopify home page.

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