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Memphis 8″ tower speakers with ATAC™ Technology are unlike anything ever done in the world of tower speakers. The Advanced Tower Array Construction (ATAC™) utilizes a curved array tweeter design mounted on a bridge across the front of the speaker. This design is similar to designs seen in concert line array dispersion systems used to fill arenas with intense accurate sound reproduction. This technology is superior to traditional compression horn tower speakers in terms of sound quality, performance and durability. A standard compression horn speaker requires a horn tweeter to intersect the woofer inside the tower. This results in a gap which requires a gasket. This gasket reduces the effective surface area of the woofer and also ads weight to the woofer making it less efficient. These two factors result in less output from a traditional ccompression horn tweeter. The ATAC™ design maximizes the surface area of the woofer for increased output and mid bass. This design also allows the woofer to ve fully sealed which prevents water and debris from entering into the tower speaker. This fully sealed design is imperative in terms of durability in marine and saltwater applications. The curved tweeter array design also allows for maximum dispersion of sound. The 8″ speaker features a 3 tweeter design is capable of churning out massive sound which is unrivaled by any compression horn tower speaker in its class in terms of clarity, output at any angle from behind your boat.

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